Surgical Training and Past Statistics

While completing a residency at the University of Kentucky, there are hundreds of opportunities to assist in the operating room and to perform surgery as a lead surgeon.  Our residents exceed the national median on the numbers of surgeries they assist on and perform as chief surgeon.


We also have an EyeSi surgical simulator with dedicated simulator and wetlab training during the intern and 1st year of residency.

Upon completion of residency, our residents have gone all over the country and overseas, with about two-thirds going on to complete fellowships.  In the last 10 years, the University of Kentucky Ophthalmology residents have done fellowships in the subspecialties of:  Surgical Retina, Medical Retina, Cornea, Glaucoma, Pediatrics and Oculoplastics. Over the past 5 years, roughly half of our graduates went into academics and the other half private practice. Approximately 70% of graduates during that time joined a practice in the southeast, with the remainder spread across the rest of the US. (Recent Graduates)

Here is information on recent resident cataract surgeries averages:

And here are our graduating class means for all surgeries: