Prospective Resident

Words of wisdom for inquiring applicants?

Congrats on choosing an amazing specialty. You are in luck, because there really isn’t a bad option for training out there, just focus on finding what you like. Think about your future path in choosing high research, low surgical volume versus higher clinical focus and less aggressive research drive. All residencies can get you into a specialty of choice or a good starting job if you work for it and help make your own opportunities, but I feel like UK makes it easy for us. A dedicated first year is a major bonus in my mind, and it really helps to have that directed ophtho training during your intern year.                                                 – Justin Gagel, PGY-2

Choose a program where you think you will enjoy going to work every day.  – Justin West, PGY-3

The best advice I can give applicants is to be honest about what makes you interested in certain programs. You want people to know that you are genuinely interested in going to a certain location rather than just having applied broadly to increase your chances. Programs will appreciate knowing which applicants really motivated to match with them. – Tyler Anderson, PGY-3

Be honest with yourself in what you’re looking for in your residency training, and pay attention to how that matches up to what each program offers on interview day. The best place for you may or may not be the best place for the next person, and things tend to work out. – Michelle Abou-Jaoude, PGY-4, Chief Resident