Interview Day

The interview day is planned as a structured yet casual opportunity for applicants to meet the residents, faculty and tour our hospital and training facilities.  The interview will be conducted during the morning hours of a Friday during the month of November.  Applicants should plan on arriving around 7:30am for a light breakfast and opportunity to meet residents and faculty.  After a few short presentations from the program director, chief resident and coordinator, applicants will split into two groups.  The first group will interview with faculty while the second group tours the facilities and talks with residents.  After switching, the interview will conclude with lunch in downtown Lexington. 

Applicants are encouraged, but in no way required, to attend an informal dinner with the current residents the evening prior to the interview.

More details will be provided with the invitation.  Please feel free to contact the Residency Program Coordinator, Olivia Turner, at ( or (859) 218-2631 at any time with questions or concerns.

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