We’re back

It’s that time of year again – leaves are falling, temperatures are supposed to be dipping, pumpkin spice is doing its thing and the collective groans of program directors/coordinators/faculty when wading through residency applications are only silenced by the palpable and justified anxiety of the applicants themselves.

Looking through all these applications, I am annually and increasingly reminded how comparatively unremarkable my application must have been and wonder how I squeezed through.  I am also progressively aware of the limitations and biases embedded within our recruitment process.

With that in mind, I want to share a few posts on some of these issues, including one that has only recently been pointed out to me. I know this website gets little traffic, and I missed the boat by posting this after our application deadline, but hope it sparks some interest for those that read it – whenever that may be. Much of what I will be discussing was provided initially and experientially by others going through this process, and I am very grateful for those that guide me through my ignorance.  I hope these posts can continue that conversation and look forward to any further insights you all have.

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